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15 Offensive Wallpapers


Offensive wallpapers or "fuckscapes" as they are often called, are gorgeous wallpapers of wonderful landscapes decorated with offensive sentences. They are both hilarious and stunning to look at. We have collected here 15 awesome ones, with the links where you can download the full versions. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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Step Into The Fascinating World of New England Caterpillars


Entomologist Samuel Jaffe is a self-described “caterpillar addict” who lives in Massachusetts and has spent the past five years photographing the region’s caterpillars. When Jaffe finishes shooting, he lets his subjects complete their metamorphosis before releasing them to fly free as moths and butterflies. He occasionally takes them to Caterpillar Lab, an educational nonprofit he founded in 2013 to advance his goal of making New Englanders more aware of the astonishing, magical creatures that live right in their own backyards.

Samuel Jaffe’s work is on display at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio through the end of September.

The Last Stand


Marc Wilson spent four years chasing the ghosts of World War II for his series "The Last Stand", wandering 23,000 miles of shoreline to capture eerie photos of bunkers and blockades that still dot the landscape.

The corresponding book, published by Triplekite, offers fascinating details about the different defensive structures erected on the cliffs and beaches of Europe.

If you like this work, be sure to check Marc's website!

Look Closer...


At first glance these photos look like regular pictures but if you look closer you will see it. These are the wonderful result of Belgium photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte's hard work and creativity. If you like these photos, check out the rest of his work at his web site.