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15 Movies To Watch In October


Awards season is approaching, and you know what that means: a deluge of films — ranging from the intense and cerebral to the purely entertaining — are about hit theaters. Make sure you add to your must-watch list these 15 for the coming month.

The Best Weight Loss Programs Available

15 Brutally Honest Fantastic Four Reviews


The newest Fantastic Four movie is finally out in theaters across the globe and viewers are horrified at the result. Bluntly put, the movie sucks and these reviewers want to be sure that you know it! Have you seen it? Let us know in the comments what did you think of it.

Hilarious Subtitles Fails


English subtitles are usually written with the hearing impaired in mind. Therefore, most sounds happening on screen are described in the subtitles. As you can imagine, this can lead to pretty funny subtitles, specially when the authors get creative. Enjoy these hilarious examples and let us know your favourite in the comments!