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Incredible Special Effects Makeup For Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner and we know lots of you like to go all in for this event. If you need some inspiration for gory special effects, check out Marc Clancy's amazing skills! This self taught artist from Melbourne, Australia will make you think he actually did all these things on himself for real! Truly spooky!

If you like this stuff, make sure to checkout his Instagram and Youtube pages!

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Banana Doodles


Artist Stephan Brusche has created a series of "Fruit Doodles" that consist of stunning doodles on real fruits. Each composition is unique and ranges from simple doodle on the fruit's skin, to full fledged fruit carving. Have a look at these 15 examples we have collected for you and be sure to check out his website and Instagram for more!

Hot Dudes Reading


There's something extremely sexy about a man that reads. Add some good looks to it and you've got a killer combo. Luckily such a combination is not a dream but a reality that can be occasionally observed in subways and other public locations.

Enjoy this selection of 15 hot dudes reading and be sure to check the official Instagram for more!