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The Art Of Julien Lasbleiz


Meet Julien Lasbleiz, a Lightning Direct of the Cinema Visual Effects industry, who makes awesome paintings on the side. Although this Canadian artist has an impressive CV, having worked on great movies like Furious 7, Harry Potter 7 (part 1), Prince of Persia, Blackhat and many others, It's his art that we are interested in today.

Lasbleiz display superior skills in classic portraits as well as Sci-Fi experiments, going as far as bringing to life characters from the beloved show Dragon Ball Z. We have assembled here for your viewing pleasure 15 of his paintings, but be sure to check his Facebook page and DeviantArt profile for more of the good stuff!

The Best Weight Loss Programs Available

If Video Games Characters Were Fat


Ever wondered how Ryu from Street Fighter would look like out of shape? Well now you can, thanks to artist Alex Solis who has created a series of cartoons to raise awareness about unhealthy eating, especially with young kids.
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