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Meet The Anaconda Queen


Snakes in general are usually feared by the masses, due mostly to pop culture and misunderstanding of these fascinating creatures. Anacondas in particular have a really bad rep, having Hollywood and TV shows to thank for. Luckily, some people out there devote their time in educating kids and grown ups about the reality of these adorable scaled puppies. One of these awesome people is Meghan Kelley A.K.A. MegaConda. This lovely lady owns quite a few gorgeous anacondas and she is happy to share them with the world, in hopes to shine a more positive light on this misunderstood creature.

We have selected 15 photos directly taken from her facebook page to show you how awesome she and her lovely companions are, so enjoy, and make yourself a favour, go visit her Facebook page to learn more about them, and if you enjoy what you see, don't forget to like it!

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