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15 Dog Cross-Breeds That Look Amazing


For centuries man has bred dogs to create lovely breeds of different colors, shapes and sizes. Although nowadays there are plenty of breeds to choose from, nature still finds its way and new mixed-breeds are starting to show up. Check out these 15 examples that look as good as pure breeds. Which one would you have? Let us know in the comments!

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Celebrities In Animal Disguise


German publishing group teNeues has released an unusual album entitled "Famous Faces" that depicts famous people from pop culture, movies and show business in animal disguise. The result is super cute and quite funny.

Be sure to check out the book for more of these.

Step Into The Fascinating World of New England Caterpillars


Entomologist Samuel Jaffe is a self-described “caterpillar addict” who lives in Massachusetts and has spent the past five years photographing the region’s caterpillars. When Jaffe finishes shooting, he lets his subjects complete their metamorphosis before releasing them to fly free as moths and butterflies. He occasionally takes them to Caterpillar Lab, an educational nonprofit he founded in 2013 to advance his goal of making New Englanders more aware of the astonishing, magical creatures that live right in their own backyards.

Samuel Jaffe’s work is on display at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio through the end of September.