Guzzle a beer in strange surroundings

There’s no shortage of deeply odd places to raise a glass in Las Vegas. The Mermaid Bar & Lounge at Silverton is the most extraordinary. Slog back your drinks in the company of silver-finned fish-women, before advancing to other oddities in the city of lights. Take a tipple here before seeking (relative) peace of Ghostbar at Palms — 55 stories up and quiet before 11pm. When you’re ready for more fun, join in the sing-alongs to dueling pianos at the Bar at Times Square at New York New York or doodle electronically in the Beatles-themed Revolution at the Mirage.


Plunge Into A Swimming Pool

The Hard Rock’s pool gives you the very best fun you can have with your cossie on. It’s always buzzing, with its sandy beaches, waterfalls and swim-up blackjack. On summer Sunday evenings pop into your sequined swimsuit for the raucous pool parties.


Take A Break From The Strip

Suffering from sensory overload? Rancho Drive, northwest of town, offers a different taste of old Vegas. Take the bus as far as the US 95 to the historic Las Vegas Springs Preserve, a huge site given over to botanical gardens, nature trails and museum exhibits. It takes a while to adjust the eyes to the unwonted green.


Go on a shopping spree in Caesars Palace

Take your credit card for a spin around the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, where, if the faux Roman vibe doesn’t defeat you, the legions of medium- and high-end designer outlets will. You have until midnight to make your choices at weekends. If you’re thin and rich enough, shop at the Fashion Show Mall, whose one billion dollar Cloud, an amazing image projection screen hovering over the center, provides entertainment enough when the credit runs out.


Try Your Luck On A Slot Machine

Quarters burning a hole in your pocket? You have options. Play the slots at Palms, Gold Coast or Circus Circus, where you’ll get free drinks and great people-watching opportunities, or test your flipping skills at the peculiarly beautiful Pinball Hall of Fame, a museum of more than 100 operational pinball machines.